From Etsy Marketplace To A Standalone Website

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  • Post published:November 28, 2020
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Holy Moly, I built Orchids and Parchment into a website!!! 

The idea had crept into my head at the end of 2019, just after the Christmas rush. I needed to make my little Orchids and Parchment Etsy store into a website.  When somebody buys my products, I would love for them to say they got it from Orchids and Parchment.  

However, when you’re just an Etsy store, more times than not, people will say they got it from Etsy.  How is Etsy helping my brand, and how was Etsy building my customer base??  It was doing neither.  I was asking myself all the questions. Sure, it was an income stream that I had built from the ground up. But they were not my customers, they belong to Etsy.  If something were to happen tomorrow, and the Etsy website shut down, what would I have??  There would be nothing, all of my eggs would be in that one basket, with no backup plan.  I’m not a fan of the unknown. So figuring out how to cover my bases was at the top of my agenda.

I talked to my husband about the website adventure, and he thought it was a wonderful idea.  If it made me happy, then it made him happy.  I researched everything and anything I could possibly think of. YouTube, YouTube, and more YouTube with a hefty helping of Google.  I had done as much as I could do short of taking the actual first step.  I was making excuses and stalling, I was scared of the unknown, and all the what-ifs.  When the pandemic started in March, I decided to create new products instead of dealing with how freaked out I was about the unknown and the what-ifs.

By the end of October, I had gotten over myself and was ready to take the leap. Not by myself of course, I needed a partner in crime for that little extra push.  All I had to do was click on that one little button, and the payment would go through for my hosting and domain name. 

My heart was beating what felt like a million miles per minute at that moment, and I wasn’t sure if I was having a panic attack or just freaking out.  I made a call to my aunt to calm me down, to help give me the nudge I needed to go in the right direction, and to give me a countdown to go ahead and click on that button.  3…2…1… I did it, I clicked on the button. The only words out of my mouth were “Oh No” and “What Did I Do”. These words continued to come out of my mouth for the following hour or so. 

Around the middle of November, I had figured out for the most part what I was doing.  I Googled and YouTubed everything. I found the YouTube videos by Ferdy Korpershoek to be the most helpful. The videos walked me through all the basics I needed to create my website without needing to learn code.  I had finally picked a theme that I could stick to. I built a bunch of pages for the website, and I learned WooCommerce and how to add digital products.  For a little over two and a half years, I was just an Etsy store, and now I had built a website.  I took the leap, the future is unknown, but the possibilities are endless.